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CNS is deligited to announce that we will be attending the 2022 Electronex Electronics Design and Assembly Expo on the 5th & 6th of April 2022.

In the world of electronic, electrical and computer technology assembly and fabrication, productivity turns on one critical aspect – the ability to repeat a task with speed and accuracy.

Our people are unique in their ability to deliver industry-leading output for two reasons – how they work and what motivates them.

Established over 30 years ago to employ an Australian NDIS workforce – in Australia, the CNS team possess an extraordinary attribute that flourishes in detailed, highly patterned and structured tasks. Turbo-charging their skill set is a self-motivation best described as the pure joy of being part of an environment where their abilities and contribution flourishes.

Happy, highly focused people deliver outcomes that automation simply cannot match.

This is what sets CNS Precision Assembly apart. We offer you a clear choice. 

Through Hole Assembly - CNS Precision Assembly

Through Hole Assembly

Through hole assembly involves the insertion of leaded components into plated holes drilled through a printed circuit boards, which are then soldered to make an electrical connection.
Surface Mount Technology - CNS Precision Assembly

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Surface mount components are accurately placed on printed circuit boards (PCB’s) using robotic pick and place machines. This type of technology allows for SMT components to be placed on PCB’s with efficiency and reliability.

Our team offers

cost efficiency
Australian assembly & delivery
Australian guarantees & warranties
QA you can see at any time

While you also support

The NDIS supported employment community program
Australian employment
the Australian economy
governance, ethics & QA that meet Australian standards

Australia’s ONLY NDIS Accredited Manufacturer of Electronic Assemblies

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