The Mycronic MY300LX SMT

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With our latest technology acquisitions and team training updates, CNS delivers flexibility, quality and reliability of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly by combining the talents of our people with innovative manufacturing systems and comprehensive automated quality control processes.

The Mycronic MY300LX SMT

Our Mycronic MY300LX SMT pick and place machine exploits the latest technology in PCB assembly to produce high speed, accurate placement of parts, increased production capacity and speed and highly enhanced quality output.

It combines three programmable light sources with 2k resolution to ensure a future-proof solution for the most advanced components down to 0.15 mm pitch. This enables our team to deliver precise on-the-fly positioning and inspection for any type of miniaturized or specialized component.

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The Automatic Optical Inspection SS15000PAL

Our Automatic Optical Inspection unit has been incorporated into our comparative checking system to provide enhanced assurance of the correct placement of the correct parts on your PCB’s. Once a board is defined it will detect soldering flaws for lead bridges and tombstones, plus misplaced, missing or inverted parts, or parts with wrong polarity.

It enables us to store images of product so there is a permanent record of the quality of any production.

Our capabilities are at the forefront of PCB delivery and our promise to our customers is a commitment to remain there.

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