Employment Opportunities

For general enquiries regarding current or future employment options and opportunities, please contact:

Adam Kellett – General Manager
Email: adam@cns.org.au
Phone: 02 9476 6811

For enquiries regarding Supported Employment options and opportunities for individuals with disabilities, please contact:

Olly Collins – Support Services Manager
Email: olly@cns.org.au
Phone: 02 9476 6811

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NDIS Registered Provider, what does this mean for disability employment?

Given the nature of work completed at CNS, job types and duties are highly diverse providing employment opportunities to a wide variety of different strengths and capabilities. With our disability support team and its wealth of experience and qualifications in both disability support and electronic manufacturer, Supported Workers receive industry level training along with best-in-class support.

What work is completed at CNS?

Supported Workers have access to wide range of different job types. These include but not restricted to:

  • Through-hole PCB Assembly (of varying difficulties)
  • Masking and de-masking of PCBs
  • Mechanical and general assembly (of varying difficulties)
  • Hand soldering
  • Packing/unpacking
  • General workspace maintenance
  • Assisting production staff members
How does employment work?

CNS is classified as an ADE meaning that CNS is able to employ individuals with disabilities under the regulations and standards set out but the NDIS and DSS regarding this type of service delivery. All Supported Workers are required to have a NDIS approved plan with the appropriate funding made available. Incomes are paid on a productivity-based program, for more information on employment please contact the Support Services Manager.

How do I apply for a position as a Supported Worker?

Applying to become a Supported Worker is as simple as emailing the Support Services Manager with an expression of interest. Attachment of a resume and other additional information such as medical is recommended. Once received, you can expect to receive a reply from the Support Services Manager within the next few business days to explain the process further.

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