About CNS Precision Assembly

Australian-Made since 1984.

Our Hornsby based manufacturing centre of excellence in Sydney provides printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing using state-of-the-art Mycronic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and precision product assembly. The manufacturing areas have antistatic flooring with designated fabrication lines, inspection stations, test facilities and flexible final product assembly zones.

With the primary purpose of finding economically productive and personally rewarding employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities our most valued asset is our people. CNS has taken pride to develop its supported workforce which accounts for over 60% of employees, complemented by qualified engineers, highly experienced technicians, production operators and administration personnel.

What CNS has proven to the mainstream workforce is that focusing on a person’s abilities opens up a variety of benefits for any business. With this focus, the CNS workers have gone on to show that they can perform critical precision assembly tasks in a manner that the majority of commercial organisations simply cannot match. Supported by quality system accreditation to ISO9001 2015, our project-based services deliver value, responsive service, global component sourcing and agility.

Our Core Belief

Individuals with disabilities have highly valuable and sort after skills that, given the right environments and supports, can excel in any type of commercial organisation.

Our Purpose

To provide meaningful employment for people living with disabilities.

Our Vision

A successful organisation that is creating sustainable, caring and gainful employment for people with disabilities.

Our Management Team


Dean Mills

General Manager

Olly Collins

Support Services Manager

Brad Redwood

Technical Sales Specialist

Adam Kellett

Manufacturing Manager

George Rozycki

Global Sourcing Lead

Kesini Madanayake

Financial Controller

Dante Estacio

Support Services Production Supervisor

Roya Emami

Production Improvement Engineer

Narinder Singh

Production Supervisor

For information regarding employment opportunities for people with disabilities please contact Olly Collins on supportservices@cns.org.au 

Our Board of Directors

(all pro bono and non Executive)
Sharyn Schultz

Sharyn Schultz


Sharyn joined the CNS Board in November 2018, and brings over 15 years executive experience with a specific focus on People, Culture & Strategy. She has a strong interest and passion in ensuring all people are treated fairly and provided growth and development opportunities.

 For the past 10 years she has been involved in organisations that provide programs for people in incredibly difficult and disadvantaged circumstances. She expects to work closely with the Board and Management to drive the CNS vision to ensure our people are supported and well prepared to fulfil their potential

Richard Gobee

Richard Gobee


Richard Gobee joined the CNS Board in November 2022. With over 40-years of experience in electronic and electrical engineering organisations, he provides the Board and Management with both technical and business expertise.

Richard’s goal is to work closely with all of the team at CNS to help grow the business, to employ more assisted workers and to promote CNS as a leading Australian social enterprise.

Andy Burgess

Andy Burgess


Andy Burgess joined the CNS Board in June, 2017. As a Business owner and former Regional CEO for a Swiss Multinational, Andy brings 35 years of experience in manufacturing, industrial sales management and operational excellence. Andy’s commitment is to help grow CNS and support further employment of people with a disability.

Steve Davies

Steve Davies


Steve Davies joined the CNS board in 2020. Highly experienced in accounting and insolvency services and a strong background in managing risk to deliver operational improvements, Steve is determined to assist with the financial aspects of the company to ensure the sustainable future of CNS Precision Assembly.

 Steve is now the Chief Strategy Office of Scottish Pacific, an entity providing cashflow solutions to over 3000 customers.

David Jarjoura

David Jarjoura


David Jarjoura joined the Board in February 2015 following an extensive retail career with a large and well known Australian business spanning thirty years including twenty as a CEO. David is committed to securing the future of CNS and growing our Disability workforce.

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