CNS Rework Services take a non-conforming product and make it conform to the requirements of the intended use.

Receiving a shipment of products only to discover that the goods do not meet your specifications or do not comply with Australian standards is very frustrating and in nearly all cases has the potential to be expensive to remedy. From packaging to component failure, encapsulation issues to firmware bugs, rework covers a huge area of precision assembly work. Our skilled workforce can perform all necessary modifications and refurbishments in-house and has proved to be a most economical method of managing these situations for many of our customers. Some companies also undertake repair work as part of their commitment to reducing environmental waste.

For example, your product is manufactured, sealed and sitting in a warehouse. Then a defect is discovered that needs rectifying however your team don’t have the capacity or space to perform the modifications. Any delay in a launch or not being able to supply valued customers may incur significant reputational damage and loss of sales. To fix the problem, rework involves cautious unpacking, product disassembly, firmware updating, component replacement, re-potting, testing and careful repackaging into the original retail ready boxes. Crucially, after the rework activity is complete, the functional specification and requirements are fully met.

CNS Precision Assembly are your solution to outsourcing all aspects of high quality PCBA manufacturing and rework processes. Ethical, sustainable practices and policies are the core of our services. Our workplace culture is a caring, supportive setting, promoting independence and learning. We strive for open and transparent relationships with customers, suppliers and the community at large. Contact Brad Redwood today on 9058 5453 or email to discuss your rework requirements.